Mobrey level switch

You need to trust that your level switches won’t let you down. Mobrey float level switches are rugge robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in . For critical area applications or general purpose control you need to trust that your level switches won’t let you down.

Mobrey float and Displacer level switches . Mobrey horizontal liquid level switches are known by process industries for reliability, quality and longevity. Offering high and low alarm, dirty liquid switching . The Mobrey vertical float level switch carries a stainless steel sheathed permanent magnet which rises and falls in the glandless pressure tube with changing . Mobrey magnetic horizontal float switches (“float switches”) are ideal for high and low. Featuring a small float on the wet-side and a body containing a high current micro-switch on the dry side, the compact Mobrey M-Switch reliably detects liquid . Mobrey electromechanical float and displacer level switches are ideal for alarm and pump control duties, especially in critical applications or hazardous areas.

A choice of displacer-type or float-type operated level switch is available to order. Mobrey vertical magnetic level switches for industrial and process control use . A choice of technologies and products, including the original Mobrey float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches and ultrasonic gap .

Mobrey magnetic level switches for liquid level alarm and pump control duties. Browse our latest Level Sensors Switches offers. Buy Mobrey, Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switch, 0°C to +130°C, SMA2. The selection of the correct Level Switch in each application is critical, which is why Mobrey offers a choice of technologies and products. For Liquid Level Alarm and Pump Control Duties.

Reliable liquid level detection for high and low alarm or pump control is essential in industry. Overflows can be both dangerous and costly, while empty vessels . Unique magnet latching switch mechanism.